Recent 3 incidents which have shaken us & made us rethink where we are moving.

  1. Man, who was owner of Rs 12000 crores empire Raymonds is now living in rented room on hand to mouth basis because his Son has shown him the Exit door.
  2. A Billionaire Woman who died in her posh Flat in Mumbai , her body discovered a year later which had became skelton in one year and her millionaire son did not even bother to know about her, in the last one year.
  3. An IAS level officer committed suicide because he was unable to cope up with the stress of his family issues.

Whatever you have in your life TODAY, please​ be happy with that.

Michael Schumacher, one of the greatest drivers of Formula 1, is forgotten and fighting for his life after a ski accident in 2013 when he sustained severe head injuries! He weighs a mere 40lbs today and is fighting for his life daily.

To think… he won 91 GP and was 7 (seven) times the world champion. The speed was in his soul but on a day of relaxation in a ski resort, fate intervened

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