Saturday, September 11, 2021

Readings: 1 Tim 1:15-17; Ps 112[113]:1-7; Lk 6:43-49

Focus: “…and laid the foundation on rock” (Lk 6:48)

Our memories are perhaps still fresh of last year’s Uttarakhand tragedy. A glacier avalanche triggered a landslide that raced down a river. A tunnel was flooded and trapped miners, a small dam broke, and houses were swept away, along with hundreds of people who were caught unawares. The devastation was horrible.

Building on rock is a bulwark against life’s raging rivers. The “rock” for us is Jesus himself (Focus). He’s our foundation and we must choose to build our life on his word (Gospel). Learning what Scripture teaches about the nature and the will of God establishes such a firm and dependable foundation. Living superficially and conforming to worldly demands eventually destroys the soul.

A pandemic is raging around the world and has claimed millions of lives. Lockdowns are rife. Churches are closed. Normal life is paralysed. Difficult questions are being asked. Why is God allowing this? There’s a storm raging and Jesus is asleep in the boat! No, he is in the same boat with us and is aware of what’s happening. He is in control. He will still the storm. Prayer and hope is what we all need. Let us together stand strong and pray for one another, reaching out to those most in need. Healing is around the corner.

Fruit: In areas where I have relied on beliefs other than scriptural values, even unknowingly, I must now hear the word and act on it (Lk 6:47).

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