God Loves the Broken Hearted

God Loves the Broken Hearted No matter who you are, What you are, Where you are, No matter what you do, God is always there for you. God knows you in and through.

Trust in Moms Prayer

Recent 3 incidents which have shaken us & made us rethink where we are moving. Man, who was owner of Rs 12000 crores empire Raymonds is now living in rented room on hand to mouth basis because his Son has shown him the Exit door. A Billionaire Woman who died in her posh Flat in […]

Gods foundation on the Rock

Saturday, September 11, 2021 Readings: 1 Tim 1:15-17; Ps 112[113]:1-7; Lk 6:43-49 Focus: “…and laid the foundation on rock” (Lk 6:48) Our memories are perhaps still fresh of last year’s Uttarakhand tragedy. A glacier avalanche triggered a landslide that raced down a river. A tunnel was flooded and trapped miners, a small dam broke, and houses were […]